Beginning with a simple three-page "faith like a mustard seed" website in 2007, the vision of our founder has grown into the site with over 1,400 pages of articles, references, and resources available online for free.

This site was created for you, our readers, in the hope that the information and insight G-d has shared with us will be a blessing to you as well. was launched 07/29/2007 with a focus on the study of Scripture.  We seek first to understand how the truths of Scripture would have been understood by the Jewish authors, in their Jewish nation, and in their original Jewish historical context.  We seek the teachings, traditions, and understanding that Yeshua, the Messiah of Israel, would have been born into, taught, and corrected during His lifetime.  Once we understand G-d's message to them then we can begin to apply those truths to our lives today.

This site includes numerous topical studies, a current calendar of Biblical holidays, timelines of the events of the Bible, studies of the traditional weekly portions of Scripture read in the synagogue, and many other resources.

The Psalm 119 Foundation was created in 2012 to provide consistent direction and executive oversight for the expanding efforts of a team of Bible students and authors dedicated to sharing the truths of G-d's Word in its proper historical context without the accumulated error, syncretism, and bitter polemic that has burdened both Judaism and Christianity for centuries.

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