Answering Christian Objections

AnsweringChristianObjections com screenshot 250After publishing our popular Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus series, we began receiving questions from readers asking for help in answering their Christian friend's objections to G-d's commandments in the Torah

We experienced such overwhelmingly positive feedback to our Answering Christian Objections series that we launched an entirely new website dedicated to the topic:

On our new site you will find the articles we previously had listed here along with many more objections and the Biblical answers to them.

The Psalm 119 Foundation is dedicated to providing you with the resources and the knowledge to be able to "give an answer" to everyone who asks.


To G-d be the glory!



We've moved this article to our new website that is entirely dedicated to answering Christian objections to the commandments of G-d: 

This objection and many others are examined and answered.


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