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צו- "Command"

Weekly parashah #25: Tzav

  • Torah: Vayikra (Leviticus) 6:8-8:36
  • Haftarah: Yirmiyahu (Jeremiah) 7:21-8:3 &
    (Jeremiah) 9:23-24
  • Greek Scriptures: Luke 4-6
Moses Consecrates Aaron - © 1994 Slavujac


Leviticus 6:8

Then the LORD spoke to Moses, saying, "Command Aaron and his sons, saying, 'This is the law for the burnt offering: the burnt offering itself shall remain on the hearth on the altar all night until the morning, and the fire on the altar is to be kept burning on it.

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The Hebrew Words

Tzavah is a primitive Hebrew root which means "to constitute" or "enjoin". Tzavah (Strong's #6680) is used 517 times in 474 verses in the Tanakh.

Tzavah is the root of another Hebrew word: mitzvah (a commandment) (Strong's #4687).


First use in Scripture

The first time tzavah is used in Scripture is in Genesis 2:16.

Genesis 2:16

The LORD G-d commanded the man, saying, "From any tree of the garden you may eat freely;


Last use in Scripture

The last time tzavah is used in Scripture is in Malachi 4:4.

Malachi 4:4

"Remember the law of Moses My servant, even the statutes and ordinances which I commanded him in Horeb for all Israel.


Parashah Outline

  • The Kohanim's Part of the Offerings - Leviticus 6:8
  • The Consecration of Aharon and His Sons - Leviticus 8:1


Portraits of Messiah


Verse by Verse Notes


Other Observations



17 of the traditional 613 commandments are found in this parashah.

  • 391- Bring an asham vadai (temple offering) when guilt is ascertained- Leviticus 6:6
  • 29- Keep the fire burning on the altar- Leviticus 6:9
  • 30- Do not extinguish the fire on the altar- Leviticus 6:9
  • 347- To remove the ashes from the altar every day- Leviticus 6:10
  • 337- Do not eat the meal offering of the Kohen HaGadol- Leviticus 6:16
  • 339- The kohanim must eat the remains of the meal offerings- Leviticus 6:16
  • 338- Do not bake a meal offering as leavened bread- Leviticus 6:17
  • 348- The Kohen Gadol ("High Priest") must bring a meal offering every day- Leviticus 6:20
  • 326- Do not eat the meat of the inner sin offering- Leviticus 6:23
  • 325- Carry out the procedure of the sin offering- Leviticus 6:25-30
  • 328- Carry out the procedure of the guilt offering- Leviticus 7:1
  • 332- To follow the procedure of the peace offering- Leviticus 7:11
  • 365- To burn the leftover sacrifices- Leviticus 7:17
  • 360- Do not eat from sacrifices offered with improper intentions- Leviticus 7:18
  • 363- Do not eat from sacrifices which became impure- Leviticus 7:19
  • 366- To burn all impure sacrifices- Leviticus 7:19
  • 364- An impure person must not eat from sacrifices- Leviticus 7:20







474 verses that include tzavah (Strong's #6680)




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