The Didache (Greek for "teaching") is a document that circulated among the early believers in the first and second century. It is attributed to the twelve apostles as a collective work of teachings of the Master, Messiah Yeshua. It outlines a standard of living out a life of faith for those early believers much in the same way that a manual might identify the expected behavior of members of a church today.


The Columbia Encyclopedia offers this:

Didache [Gr.,=teaching], early Christian work written in Greek, called also The Teaching of the Twelve Apostles. Dates for its composition suggested by scholars have ranged from AD 50 to AD 150. Discovered in 1875 by Bryennios, Greek Orthodox metropolitan of Nicomedia, it is an invaluable primary source for the primitive church. The first part is a collection of moral precepts, perhaps based on rabbinical teachings (there are many quotations from the Old Testament); the second portion gives directions for baptism and the Eucharist; the third contains directions for bishops and deacons. The Didache may be of composite authorship. A short work, it has been published in English translation in collections of patristic literature. 1


Below is an interlinear translation (Greek text with a literal English translation immediately below it) based upon work by Philip Dybel. This format is intended for detailed study rather than plain reading. A non-interlinear translation by J.B. Lightfoot and J.R. Harmer is available here for easier reading.


Διδαχη κυριου δια των δωδεκα αποστολων τοις εθνεσιν.
[The] Teaching [of the] Lord through [the] Twelve Apostles to [the] Nations.
Chapter 1
  i οδοι δυο εισι, μια της ζωης και μια του θανατου, διαφορα δε πολλη μεταξυ των δυο οδων.
  1 There are two ways: one of (the) life and one of (the) death; different (but) much between the two ways.
  ii τον μεν ουν οδος της ζωης εστιν αυτη, πρωτον αγαπησεις τον θεον h? ποιησαντα σε δευτερον
  2 The indeed (then) way of (the) life is this: first, you will love (the) God the [making] you; second,
    τον πλησιον σου ως σεαυτον, παντα δε οσα εαν θελησης μη γινηεσθαι σοι, και συ αλλω μη ποιει.
    the neighbor of you as yourself: all - which if you wished not to happen to you, even you to another not it is doing.
  iii τουτων δε των λογων η διδαχη εστιν αυτη, ευλογειτε τους καταρωμενους υμιν και προσευχεσθε υπερ
  3 Of such - (the) reasons of the teaching is this: bless (ye) the ones cursing you, and ye shall pray over
    των εχθρων υμων, νηστευετε δε υπερ των διωκοντων υμας, ποια γαρ χαρις, εαν αγαπατε τους αγαπωντας
    the enemies of you; fast (ye) - over the ones pursuing you: [is doing] (because) kind-ness; if you love the ones loving
    υμας? ουχι και τα εθνη τουτο ποιουσιν, υμεις δε φιλειτε τους μισουντας υμας, και ουχ εξετε εχθρον.
    you? [Do] Not even the nations such do; you (rather) be loving to the ones hating you, and not you have enemies.
  iv απεχου των σαρκικων [και σωματικων] επιθυμιων. εαν τις σοι δω ραπισμα εις την
  4 Abstain (of) the fleshly [and bodily] lusts. If someone to you give [a] blow unto the
    δεξιαν σιαγονα, στρεψον αυτω και την αλλην, και εση τελειος, εαν αγγαρευση σε τις μιλιον
    right jaw, you [shall] turn him also the other, and be perfect; if you [were yourself] sent [?] you someone mile
    εν, υπαγε μετ'' αυτου δυο, εαν αρη τις το ιματιον σου, δος αυτω και
    one, go back with him two; if took off someone the cloak of you, you [shall] gave him also
    τον χιτωνα, εαν λαβη τις απο σου το σον, μη απαιτει, ουδε γαρ δυνασαι.
    the shirt; if took someone from you [what''s] yours, not you [shall] ask it back, neither - you use force.
  v παντι τω αιτουντι σε διδου και μη απαιτει, πασι γαρ θελει διδοσθαι ο
  5 Each (to the) one asking you, you give, and not you ask it back: to all (because) [He] wills to have given? the
    πατερ εκ των ιδιων χαρισματων. μακαριος ο διδους κατα την εντολην, αθωος γαρ εστιν.
    Father out of [His] own gifts. Blessed the one giving acc. to the commands: guiltless (hence) he is.
    ουαι τω λαμβανοντι, ει μεν γαρ χρειαν εχων λαμβανει τις, αθωος εσται, ο δε μη
    Woe to the [one receiving?], if indeed - need [having?] he receives -, guiltless he will be; the [one] however not
    χρειαν εχων δωσει δικην, ινατι ελαβε και εις τι, εν συνοχη δε γενομενος εξετασθησεται
    need having will receive judgment: why he received and unto something, in distress - becoming, [being? examined]
    περι ων επραξε, και ουκ εξελευσεται εκειθεν, μεχρις ου αποδω τον εσχατον κοδραντην.
    about the deed, and not will loose himself out from there, until - he had given out the last coin.
  vi αλλα και περι τουτου δε ειρηται, Ιδρωσατω η ελεημοσυνη σου εις τας χειρας σου,
  6 Yet also about such, - it is said: "Moisten[?] the alms [coins] of you in the hands of yours,
    μεχρις αν γνως, τινι δως.
    until (then) [when?] you knew, to whomever you gave."
Chapter 2
  i δευτερα δε εντολη της διδαχης,
  1 Second - command of the teaching:
  ii ου φονευσεις, ου μοιχευσεις, ου παιδοφθορησεις, ου πορνευσεις, ου κλεψεις, ου μαγευσεις,
  2 Not you will murder; not you will do adultery; not you will do child sex; not you will do illicit sex; not you will steal; not you will do magic;
    ου φαρμακευσεις, ου φονευσεις τεκνον εν φθορα ουδε γεννηθεν αποκτενεις.
    not you will do sorcery; not you will murder child in destruction, neither [newly-] begotten you will kill.
  iii ουκ επιθυμησεις τα του πλησιον, ουκ επιορκησεις, ου ψευδομαρτυρησεις, ου κακολογησεις,
  3 Not you will covet [/lust after?] that of the neighbor; not you will swear falsely; not you will falsely witness; not you will speak evil;
    ου μνησικακησεις.
    not you will bear malice.  
  iv ουκ εση διγνωμων ουδε διγλωσσος, παγις γαρ θανατου η διγλωσσια.
  4 Not you will be two-minded neither two-tongued: snare - of death the two-tongued [person].
  v ουκ εσται ο λογος σου ψευδης, ου κενος, αλλα μεμεστωμενος πραξει.
  5 Not will be the word of you false: not empty, but fulfilled in deed.
  vi ουκ εση πλεονεκτης ουδε αρπαξ ουδε υποκριτης ουδε κακοηθης ουδε υπερηφανος.
  6 Not you will be greedy, neither robber, neither pretender, neither depraved, neither proud.
    ου ληψη βουλην πονηραν κατα του πλησιον σου
    Not you will take (yourself)[?] [a] plan evil against the neighbor of you
  vii ου μισησεις παντα ανθρωπον, αλλα ους μεν ελεγξεις, περι ων δε προσευξη, ους δε
  7 Not you will hate any man; yet whom indeed you will reprove, about whom (rather) pray [you will yourself ?], whom (rather)
    αγαπησεις υπερ την ψυχην σου.
    you will love more than the soul of you.
Chapter 3
  i τεκνον μου, φευγε απο παντος πονηρου και απο παντος omoiou(n)? αυτου.
  1 Child of mine: you flee from all evil and from all like to it.
  ii μη γινου οργιλος, οδηγει γαρ η οργη προς τον φονον, μηδε ζηλωτης μηδε εριστικος μηδε θυμικος,
  2 Not make yourself quick-tempered, (thus) - the wrath toward (the) murder, neither jealous nor strifeful nor wrathful:
    εκ γαρ τουτων απαντων φονοι γεννωνται.[sp?]
    out of - such all murders are begotten.
  iii τεκνον μου, μη γινου επιθυμητης, οδηγει γαρ η επιθυμια προς την πορνειαν, μηδε αισχρολογος
  3 Child of mine: not make yourself lover/craver: leads - (the) lust toward (the) illicit sex; neither foul speaker
    μηδε υψηλοφθαλμος, εκ γαρ τουτων απα [orig?] ντων μοιχειαι γεννωνται.
    nor ''highminded'': out of - such (meet) adulteries are begotten[?].
  iv τεκνον μου, μη γινου οιωνοσκοπος, επειδη οδηγει εις την ειδωλολατριαν, μηδε επαοιδος μηδε
  4 Child of mine: not make yourself time-observer: because it leads unto (the) idolatry; neither [?] nor
    μαθηματικος μηδε περικαθαιρων, μηδε θελε αυτα βλεπειν [μηδε ακουειν], εκ γαρ τουτων απαντων
    numerologist nor [purifier ?], neither will[?] them to see [neither to hear]: out of - such all
    ειδωλολατρια γενναται.
    idolatry is begotten[?].  
  v τεκνον μου, μη γινου ψευστης, επειδη οδηγει το ψευσμα εις την κλοπην, μηδε φιλαργυρος μηδε
  5 Child of mine: not you [shall] become liar, because it leads (the) lie unto (the) theft; neither moneylover, nor
    κενοδοξος, εκ γαρ τουτων απαντων κλοπαι γεννωνται.
    vainglorious: out of - such (all) thefts are begotten.
  vi Τεκνον μου, μη γινου γογγυσος, επειδη οδηγει εις την βλασφημιαν, μηδε αυθαδης μηδε
  6 Child of mine: not you [shall] become grumbler, because it leads unto (the) blasphemy; neither selfpleasing nor
    πονηροφρων, εκ γαρ τουτων απαντων βλασφημιαι γεννωνται.
    evil-minded: out of - such all blasphemies are begotten.
  vii ισθι δε πραυς, επει οι πραεις κληρονομησουσι την γην.
  7 Be (you) (rather) gentle: because the gentle will inherit the earth.
  viii γινου μακροθυμος και ελεημων και ακακος και ησυχιος και αγαθος και τρεμων τους λογους δια
  8 Make yourself longsuffering and merciful and guilelesss and tranquil and good and fear [?] the words through
    παντος, ους ηκουσας.
    all, the ones heard [?].  
  ix ουχ υψωσεις σεαυτον ουδε δωσεις τη ψυχη σου θρασος[sp?]. ου κολληθησεται η ψυχη σου μετα υφηλων[sp?],
  9 Not you will exalt yourself neither you will give (to) the soul of you [?]. Not you will glue..yourself[?] the soul of you with exalted,
    αλλα μετα δικαιων και ταπεινων αναστραφηση.
    yet with (the)virtuous and humble conduct yourself[?].
  x τα συμβαινοντα σοι ενεργηματα ως αγαθα προσδεξη, ειδως, οτι ατερ θεου ουδεν γινεται.
  10 The[pl.] come together[?] to you workings[/effects] as good accept[?], being seen, because apart from God nothing comes into being.
Chapter 4
  i τεκνον μου, του λαλουντος σοι τον λογον του θεου μνησθηση νυκτος και ημερας, τιμησεις δε
  1 Child of mine: of (the) speaking to you the ''Word'' of (the) God [you must?] mind night and day, you will honor (rather)
    αυτον ως κυριον, οθεν γαρ η κυριοτης λαλειται, εκει κυριος εστιν.
    him as lord, from which (because) the things of the Lord spoken?, there Lord is.
  ii εκζητησεις δε καθ'' ημεραν τα προσωπα των αγιων, ινα επαναπαης τοις λογοις αυτων.
  2 The ones sought out - ''each'' day the faces of the holy(ones), so that rest upon[?] (to) the words of them.
  iii ου ποιησεις σχισμα, ειρηνευσεις δε μαχομενους, κρινεις δικαιως, ου ληψη προσωπον ελεγξαι επι
  3 Not you will make division; you will pacify[?] (rather) fighter[s]; you prefer virtue; not ''respect''? person to have been reproved(/corrected) on
  iv ου διψυχησεις, ποτερον εσται η ου.
  4 [Do] Not be double-minded, whether [will?] be it (or) not.
  v μη γινου προς μεν το λαβειν εκτεινων τας χειρας, προς δε το δουναι συσπων.
  5 Not make yourself toward (indeed) those who have received stretch out? the hands; toward (rather) the to have given withdraw.
  vi εαν εχης δια των χειρων σου, δωσεις λυτρωσιν αμαρτιων σου.
  6 (If) have [subj.] through the hands of you, you will give ransom sin(s) of you.
  vii ου διστασεις δουναι ουδε διδους γογγυσεις, γνωση γαρ, τις εστιν ο του μισθου καλος ανταποδοτης.
  7 Not you will waver to have given neither the one giving you will grumble(?); you (yourself) will know (because): someone is (the) of (the) wages good recompense (?).
  viii ουκ αποστραφηση τον ενδεομενον, συγκοινωνησεις δε παντα τω αδελφω σου και ουκ ερεις ιδια
  8 [Do] not turn away the in need[?]; you will share (rather) all to the brother of you, and not [you will say/told?] one''s own
    ειναι, ει γαρ εν τω αθανατω κοινωνοι εστε, ποσω μαλλον εν τοις θανητοις
    it is; if (because) in the imperishable partners ye are, how much greater in the perishable?
  ix ουκ αρεις την χειρα σου απο του υιου σου η απο της θυγατρος σου, αλλα απο νεοτητος διδαξεις
  9 [Do] not you remove[?] the hand of you from the son of you, or from the daughter of you; yet from (their) youth [you will] teach
    τον φοβον του θεου.
    the fear of (the) God.
  x ουκ επιταξεις δουλω σου η παιδισκη, τοις επι τον αυτον θεον ελπιζουσιν, εν πικρια σου, μηποτε
  10 [Do] not [you will] command [a] servant of you or [a] maidservant, whom, unto (the) his God they trust/hope, in bitterness of yours; never
    ου μη φοβηθησονται τον επ'' αμφοτεροις θεον, ου γαρ ερχεται κατα προσωπον καλεσαι, αλλ'' εφ''
    not not [shall be feared[pl.]] the (unto) same God: not (because) [Who] comes acc. to [a] face goodness, but unto
    ους το πνευμα ητοιμασεν.
    [ear] the spirit readied.
  xi υμεις δε [οι] δουλοι υποταγησεσθε τοις κυριοις υμων ως τυπω θεου εν αισχυνη και φοβω.
  11 You (rather) [the] servants: you will subject yourselves to the lords of you as [a] figure of God, in shame and fear.
  xii μισησεις πασαν υποκρισιν και παν ο μη αρεστον τω κυριω.
  12 You will hate all pretense and all which not pleasing to the Lord.
  xiii ου μη εγκαταλιπης εντολας κυριου, φυλαξεις δε α παρελαβες, μητε προστιθεις μητε αφαιρων.
  13 [Do] not (not) abandon commands of the Lord; you will guard (rather) those received, neither add to neither remove from.
  xiv εν εκκλεσια εξομολογηση τα παραπτωματα σου, και ου προσελευση επι προσευχην σου εν
  14 In [with?] the called-out(believers), express the trespasses of you, and not pray (upon) prayers of yours in
    συνειδησει πονηρα. αυτη εστιν η οδος της ζωης.
    conscience evil. This is the way of (the) life.
Chapter 5
  i η δε του θανατου οδος εστιν αυτη, πρωτον παντων πονηρα εστι και καταρας μεστη, φονοι,
  1 The - of (the) death way is this: first of all evil is and (of) curse filled with thoughts/ emotions, murders,
    μοιχειαι, επιθυμιαι, πορνειαι, κλοπαι, ειδωλολατριαι, μαγειαι, φαρμακιαι, αρπαγαι, ψευδομαρτυριαι,
    adulteries, lusts, illicit sex, thefts, idolatries, magic, sorcery, robberies, false witness,
    υποκρισεις, διπλοκαρδια, δολος, υπερηφανια, κακια, αυθαδεια, πλεονεξια, αισχρολογια,
    pretense, two-heatedness, guile, haughtiness, wickedness, self-pleasing, greed, foul speaking,
    ζηλοτυπια, θρασυτης, υψος, αλαζονεια, [αφοβια].
    jealousy, [brokenness], high(mindedness), insolence, [fearlessness].
  ii διωκται αγαθων, μισουντες αληθειαν, αγαπωντες ψευδος, ου γινωσκοντες μισθον δικαιοσυνης, ου
  2 [Pursued (by)?] (of the)good, hating truth; loving falsehood; not knowing [the] wages of virtue; not
    κολλωμενοι αγαθω ουδε κρισει δικαια, αγρυπνουντες ουκ εις το αγαθον, αλλ'' εις το πονηρον, ων
    (having been)joined (to?)good, neither judgment righteous; watching not unto the good, but unto the evil; [whom/being]
    μακραν πραυτης και υπομονη, ματαια αγαπωντες, διωκοντες ανταποδομα, ουκ ελεουντες πτωχον,
    far(from) gentleness and longsuffering; vanities loving; pursuing recompense; not merciful to [the] needy;
    ου πονουντες επι καταπονουμενω, ου γινωσκοντες τον ποιησαντα αυτους, φονεις τεκνων, φθορεις
    not laboring unto [the] afflicted; not knowing [Him] making them; murderers of children; destroyers
    πλασματος θεου, αποστρεφομενοι τον ενδεομενον, καταπονουντες τον θλιβομενον, πλουσιων
    of that molded by God; turning away the needy; afflicting the oppressed; of [the] rich
    παρακλητοι, πενητων ανομοι κριται, πανθαμαρτητοι, ρυσθειητε, τεκνα, απο τουτων απαντων.
    advocates; of [the] poor unlawful judges; all-sinful: Draw yourself[es], children, from such all.
Chapter 6
  i ορα, μη τις σε πλανηση απο ταυτης της οδου της διδαχης, επει παρεκτος θεου σε διδασκει.
  1 See, not someone you lead from the same (the) way of the teaching: since besides God you teaches.
  ii ει μεν γαρ δυνασαι βαστασαι ολον τον ζυγον του κυριου, τελειος εση, ει δ'' ου δυνασαι,
  2 If indeed - you can [will be able to] carry all the yoke of the Lord, perfect you''ll be; if (but) not you can [will be able to],
    ο δυνη, τουτο ποιει.
    [that which] you can, such do.
  iii περι δε της βρωσεως, ο δυνασαι βαστασον, απο δε του ειδωλοθυτου λιαν προσεχε,
  3 About - (the) food: [that which] you can [will be able to] bear, from - (the) idolatry greatly take heed,
    λατρεια γαρ εστι θεων νεκρων.
    worship (because) it is of gods dead.
Chapter 7
  i περι δε του βαπτισματος, ουτω βαπτισατε, ταυτα παντα προειποντες, βαπτισατε εις το ονομα του
  1 About (rather) the immersion: thus immerse (ye), these all saying first: immerse (ye) in(to) the name of the
    πατρος και του υιου και του αγιου πνευματος εν υδατι ζωντι.
    Father and of the Son and of the holy Spirit, in water living.
  ii εαν δε μη εχης υδωρ ζων, εις αλλο υδωρ βαπτισον, ει δ'' ου δυνασαι εν ψυχρω, εν θερμω.
  2 [Then/If] - not you have water ''alive'': into other water immerse; if - not: you can [will be able to] in cold, [or] in warm.
  iii εαν δε αμφοτερα μη εχης, εκχεον εις την κεφαλην τρις υδωρ εις ονομα πατρος και υιου καυ αγιου
  3 If - both not you have: [pour out] onto the head three water in(to) name Father and Son and holy
  iv προ δε του βαπτισματος προνηστευσατω ο βαπτιζων και ο βαπτιζομενος και ει τινες αλλοι
  4 Before - (the) immersion: let him fast before [the one] who immerses and the immersed; and if (any) others
    δυνανται, κελευεις δε νηστευσαι τον βαπτιζομενον προ μιας η δυο.
    can [will be able to], [call] - to fast the immersed for one or two [days].
Chapter 8
  i αι δε νηστειαι υμων μη εστωσαν μετα των υποκριτων. νηστευσουσι γαρ δευτερα σαββατων και
  1 (?) - fast of you not let it be with the hypocrites. They fast - second sabbath and
    πεμπτη, υμεις δε νηστευσατε   τετραδα και παρασκευην.
    fifth; you (rather) fast (ye) [on the] fourth and preparation [day before sabbath].
  ii μηδε προσευχεσθε ως οι υποκριται, αλλ'' ως εκελευσεν ο κυριος εν τω ευαγγελιω αυτου, ουτω pros-
  2 Neither pray (ye) as the pretenders, but as [cried/called out] the Lord in the ''good message'' of Him, thus pray
    ευχεσθε, πατηρ ημων ο εν τω ουρανω, αγιασθητω το ονομα σου, ελθετω η βασιλεια σου, γενηθητω
    (ye): Father of us (the) [whom] in the heaven, holied the name of yours, let (it) come the kingdom of you; let (it) be done
    το θελημα σου ως εν ουρανω και επι γης, τον αρτον ημων τον επιουσιον δος ημιν σημερον, και
    the will of you as in heaven and on earth; the bread of us (the) sufficient give to us today; and
    αφες ημιν την οφειλην ημων, ως και ημεις αφιεμεν τοις οφειλειταις ημων, και μη εισενεγκης ημας εις
    dismiss us the debts of us, as even we dismiss the debtors of us; and not carry in us into
    πειρασμον, αλλα ρυσαι ημας απο του πονηρου, οτι σου εστιν η δυναμις και η δοξα εις τους αιωνας.
    trial(s), yet rescue us from (the) evil; for yours is the power and the glory unto the ages.
  iii τρις της ημερας ουτω προσευχεσθε.
  3 Three [times] of the day thus pray.
Chapter 9
  i περι δε της ευχαριστιας, ουτως ευχαριστησατε,
  1 About (rather) the thanks-giving: thus give thanks,
  ii πρωτον περι του ποτηριου, ευχαριστουμεν σοι, πατερ ημων, υπερ της αγιας αμπελου δαυιδ του
  2 First about the cup: "We give thanks to You, Father of us, over the holy vine David the
    παιδος σου, ης εγνωρισας ημιν δια Ιησου του παιδος σου, σοι η δοξα εις τους αιωνας.
    child of You, who made known to us through Iesou the child of yours, to you the glory unto the ages."
  iii περι δε του κλασματος, ευχαριστουμεν σοι, πατερ ημων, υπερ της ζωης και γνωσεως, ης εγνωρισας
  3 About - the broken [bread]: "We give thanks to You, Father of us, over the life and knowledge, which made known
    ημιν δια Ιησου του παιδος σου. σοι η δοξα εις τους αιωνας.
    to us through Iesou the child of You. To you [be] the glory unto the ages."
  iv ωσπερ ην τουτο [το] κλασμα διεσκορπισμενον επανω των ορεων και συναχθεν εγενετο εν, ουτω
  4 Just as one such [the] broken [bread] scattered beyond the mountains and gathered together became one, thus
    συναχθητω σου η εκκλησια απο των περατων της γης εις την σην βασιλειαν, οτι σου εστιν η
    be gathered together Your (the) called-out from the ends of the earth into (the) Your kingdom; because Yours is the
    δοξα και η δυναμις δια Ιησου Χριστου εις τους αιωνας.
    glory and the power through Iesou Christou unto the ages."
  v μηδεις δε φαγετω μηδε πιετω απο της ευχαριστιας υμων, αλλ'' οι βαπτισθεντες εις ονομα κυριου,
  5 No one (rather) eat neither drink? from the ''thanks-giving'' of you, except the immersed in(to) [the] name of the Lord;
    και γαρ περι τουτου ειρηκεν ο κυριος. μη δωτε το αγιον τοις κυσι.
    and (because) about such said? the Lord: "Do not give the holy to the [pl.] [Kushite]"
Chapter 10
  i μετα δε το εμπλησθηναι ουτως ευχαριστησατε,
  1 With - the being filled thus give thanks:
  ii ευχαριστουμεν σοι, πατερ αγιε, υπερ του αγιου ονοματος σου, ου κατεσκηνωσας εν ταις καρδιαις
  2 "We give thanks to you, Father holy, over the holy name of yours, where dwell(s) in the hearts
    ημων, και υπερ της γνωσεως και πιστεως και αθανασιας, ης εγνωρισας ημιν δια Ιησου του παιδος
    of us, and over the knowledge and faith and immortality, which made known to us through Iesou the child
    σου, σοι η δοξα εις τους αιωνας.
    of yours; to you the glory unto the ages.
  iii συ, δεσποτα παντοκρατορ, εκτισας τα παντα ενεκεν του ονοματος σου, τροφην τε και ποτον εδωκας
  3 You, Master All-Powerful, (out-?) (the) all created [of] the name of yours: food ? and drink gave
    τοις ανθρωποις εις απολαυσιν, ινα σοι ευχαριστησωσιν, ημιν δε εχαρισω πνευματικην τροφην και
    (to the) men unto (enjoy??), so that to you give thanks; to us (rather) grant spiritual food and
    ποτον και ζωην αιωνιον δια Ιησου του παιδος σου.
    drink and life endless through Iesou the child of You.
  iv προ παντων ευχαριστουμεν σοι, οτι δυνατος ει, σοι η δοξα εις τους αιωνας.
  4 Before all we give thanks to you, because powerful you are?, to you the glory unto the ages.
  v μνησθητι, κυριε, της εκκλησιας σου του ρυσασθαι αυτην απο παντος πονηρου και τελειωσαι αυτην
  5 Remember, Lord, (of) the called-out of yours: of (the) rescuing it from all evil and perfecting it
    εν τη αγαπη σου, και συναξον αυτην απο των τεσσαρων ανεμων, | την αγιασθεισαν,| εις την σην
    in the love of yours; and gather(?) it from the four winds, | the (one) made-holy,| into (the) of you
    βασιλειαν, ην ητοιμασας αυτη, οτι σου εστιν η δυναμις και η δοξα εις τους αιωνας.
    kingdom, that (prepared??) it, because Yours is the power and the glory unto the ages.
  vi ελθετω χαρις και παρελθετω ο κοσμος ουτος. ωσαννα τω θεω δαυιδ. ει τις αγιος εστιν, ερχεσθω,
  6 Come grace and ''go away'' the world thus. Osanna to the God (of) David. If someone holy is, let him come;
    ει τις ουκ εστι, μετανοειτω, μαραν αθα, αμην.
    if someone not is, let him repent; Lord comes; amen."
  vii τοις δε προφηταις επιτρεπετε ευχαριστειν, οσα θελουσιν.
  7 To the (rather) prophets: let give thanks, as they will.
Chapter 10(b)
  i [περι δε του μυρου ουτως ευχαριστησατε,
  1 [About - the ointment [annointing?], thus giving thanks:
  ii ευχαριστουμεν σοι, πατερ ημων |αγιε|, υπερ του μυρου, ου εγνωρισας ημιν δια Ιησου του παιδος
  2 "We give thanks to you, Father of us |holy|, over the ointment, that made known to us through Iesou the Child
    σου, σοι η δοξα εις τους αιωνας, |αμην| ]
    of yours; to you the glory unto the ages, |amen| ]
Chapter 11
  i ος αν ουν ελθων διδαξη υμας ταυτα παντα τα προειρημενα, δεξασθε αυτον,
  1 Who (if) therefore comes [and] teaches you these all the aforesaid [things]: receive him;
  ii εαν δε αυτος ο διδασκων στραφεις διδασκη αλλην διδαχην εις το καταλυσαι, μη αυτου
  2 if (rather) he (the) teacher, turned, teaches other teaching unto (the) destruction: not to him
    ακουσητε, εις δε το προςθειναι δικαιοσυνην και γνωσιν κυριου, δεξασθε αυτον ως κυριον.
    listen; unto (rather) the (towards?) virtue and knowledge of the Lord: receive him as lord.
  iii περι δε των αποστολων και προφητων, κατα το δογμα του ευαγγελιου ουτω ποιησατε.
  3 About - the apostles and prophets: acc. to the rule of (the) ''good message'', thus do.
  iv πας δε αποστολος ερχομενος προς υμας.
  4 All (rather) apostles [who] come toward you.
  v ου μενει [ει μη] ημεραν μιαν, εαν δε η χρεια, και την αλλην, τρεις δε εαν μεινη,
  5 [Do] not MENEI [if not] day one, if (rather) the need, and the other [second]; three (rather) then remains:
    ψευδοπροφητης εστιν.
    false prophet is.
  vi εξερχομενος δε ο αποστολος μηδεν λαμβανετω ει μη αρτον, εως ου αυλισθη, εαν δε αργυριον
  6 Departing - the apostle: nothing take if not bread, until when he lodges; if (rather) silver
    αιτη, ψευδοπροφητης εστι.
    he asks, false prophet he is.
  vii και παντα προφητην λαλουντα εν πνευματι ου πειρασετε ουδε διακρινειτε, πασα γαρ αμαρτια
  7 And all prophet [who] speak in spirit: not test neither judge; all (because) sins
    αφεθησεται, αυτη δε η αμαρτια ουκ αφεθησεται.
    will be forgiven, this (rather) (the) sin not will be forgiven.
  viii ου πας δε ο λαλων εν πνευματι προφητης εστιν, αλλ'' εαν εχη τους τροπους κυριου. απο ουν
  8 Not all - (the) speaking in spirit prophet is, but if he has the manners of the Lord. From therefore
    των τροπων γνωσθησεται ο ψευδοπροφητης και ο προφητης.
    the manners shall be known the false prophet and the prophet.
  ix και πας προφητης οριζων τραπεζαν εν πνευματι, ου φαγεται απ'' αυτης, ει δε μηγε
  9 And each prophet [who] decrees "Feast!" in [the] spirit: not shall eat from it; if (rather) otherwise
    ψευδοπροφητης εστι.
    false prophet is.
  x πας δε προφητης διδασκων την αληθειαν, ει α διδασκει ου ποιει, ψευδοπροφητης εστι.
  10 Every - prophet teaches the truth: if the teaching not he does, false prophet he is.
  xi πας δε προφητης δεδοκιμασμενος, αληθινος, ποιων εις μυστηριον κοσμικον εκκλησιας, μη
  11 Every - prophet (ap)proved??, true, doing into mystery cosmic gathering, not
    διδασκων δε ποιειν, οσα αυτος ποιει, ου κριθησεται εφ'' υμων, μετα θεου γαρ εχει την κρισιν,
    teaching (rather) to do, what he does: not he will be judged (upon) [by] you: with God (because) he has (the) judgment:
    ωσαυτως γαρ εποιησαν και οι αρχαιοι προφηται.
    likewise (because) did also the ancient prophets.
  xii ος δ'' αν ειπη εν πνευματι, δος μοι αργυρια η ετερα τινα, ουκ ακουσεσθε αυτου, εαν δε
  12 Where - if says in [the] spirit, "Give me silver", the other something: not listen to him; if (rather)
    περι αλλων υστερουντων ειπη δουναι, μηδεις αυτον κρινετω.
    about others later he says, "Give": no one him let judge.
Chapter 12
  i πας δε ο ερχομενος προς υμας εν ονοματι κυριου δεχθητω, επειτα δε δοκιμασαντες αυτον
  1 Every - who comes toward you in name of the Lord: receive; thereafter - examine him
    γνωσεσθε, συνεσιν γαρ εχετε δεξιαν και αριστεραν.
    knowledgably?; understanding (because) you (will?) have on right and on left.
  ii ει μεν παροδιος εστιν ο ερχομενος, βοηθειτε αυτω, οσον δυνασθε, ου μενει δε προς υμας ει μη
  2 If indeed [a] traveller is the comer: help him, as much as you can; not dwell - ''with'' you if not
    δυο η τρεις ημερας, εαν η αναγκη.
    two or three days, if the need.
  iii ει δε θελει προς υμας καθησθαι, τεχνιτης ων, εργαζεσθω και φαγετω.
  3 If - he wills with you abide: craftsman he is, let him work and eat.
  iv ει δε ουκ εχει τεχνην, κατα την συνεσιν υμων προνοησατε, πως μη αργος μεθ'' υμων ζησεται
  4 If - not he has [a] trade: acc. to the understanding of you plan, how not silver with of you he shall live
    as Christ.
  v ει δ'' ου θελει ουτω ποιειν, χριστεμπορος εστι, προσεχετε απο των τοιουτων.
  5 If (rather) not he wills thus do: christ-seller he is; beware of the such.
Chapter 13
  i πας δε προφητης αληθινος, θελων καθησθαι προς υμας, αξιος εστι της τροφης αυτου.
  1 Every - prophet true, who will abide among you: worthy is of the food of him.
  ii ωσαυτως διδακαλος αληθινος εστιν αξιος και αυτος ωσπερ ο εργατης της τροφης αυτου.
  2 Likewise, teacher TRUE is worthy; and he, just as the workman, of the food of him.
  iii πασαν ουν απαρχην γεννηματων ληνου και αλωνος, βοων τε και προβατων λαβων δωσεις την
  3 Every therefore first-fruits begotten wine-press and threshing-floor, oxen (also) and sheep [taking] give the
    απαρχην τοις προφηταις, αυτοι γαρ εισιν οι αρχιερεις υμων.
    first-fruits to the prophets, they (because) are the high priests of you.
  iv εαν δε μη εχητε προφητην, δοτε τοις πτωχοις.
  4 If (rather) not you have prophets: give to the beggars.
  v εαν σιτιαν ποιης, την απαρχην λαβων δος κατα την εντολην.
  5 If grain [bread] you make: the first-fruits taking, give acc. to the commands.
  vi ωσαυτως κεραμιον οινου η ελαιου ανοιξας, την απαρχην λαβων δος τοις προφηταις,
  6 Likewise, [the] jar of wine (the) of olive opening, the first-fruits taking, give to the prophets;
  vii αργυριου δε και ιματισμου και παντος κτηματος λαβων την απαρχην ως αν σοι δοξη,
  7 Silver - and clothing and every possession: take the first-fruits as [then] [seems] to you right,
    δος κατα την εντολην.
    give according to the commands.
Chapter 14
  i κατα κυριακην δε κυριου συναχθεντες κλασατε αρτον και ευχαριστησατε, προεξομολογησαμενοι
  1 According to ''the Lord''s things'' - of [the] Lord: gather break bread and give thanks, confessing out
    τα παραπτωματα υμων, οπως καθαρα η θυσια υμων η.
    the failings of you, so that pure the sacrifice of you be.
  ii πας δε εχων την αμφιβολιαν μετα του εταιρου αυτου μη συνελθετω υμιν, εως ου διαλλαγωσιν,
  2 Every - have the conflict with the comrade of him not resolved of you: until [where] reconciled,
    ινα μη κοινωθη η θυσια υμων.
    so that not defiled the sacrifice of you.
  iii αυτη γαρ εστιν η ρηθεισα υπο κυριου, εν παντι τοπω και χρονω προσφερειν μοι θυσιαν καθαραν,
  3 This - is that spoken by the Lord, "In every place and time offer to me sacrifice pure,
    οτι βασιλευς μεγας ειμι, λεγει κυριος, και το ονομα μου θαυμαστον εν τοις εθνεσι.
    because king great I am, says Lord; and the name of mine marvelous in the nations."
Chapter 15
  i χειροτονησατε ουν εαυτοις επισκοπους και διακονους αξιους του κυριου, ανδρας πραεις και
  1 Elect therefore for yourselves overseers and servants worthy of the Lord: men gentle and
    αφιλαργυρους και αληθεις και δεδοκιμασμενους, υμιν γαρ λειτουργουσι και αυτοι την λειτουργιαν
    not silver-lovers and TRUE and proven, of you - serve and for you the service
    των προφητων και διδασκαλων.
    of the prophets and teachers.
  ii μη ουν υπεριδητε αυτους, αυτοι γαρ εισιν οι τετιμημενοι υμων μετα των προφητων και
  2 Not therefore overlook them, they for they are the (honored??) of you, with the prophets and
  iii ελεγχετε δε αλληλους μη εν οργη, αλλ'' εν ειρηνη ως εχετε εν τω ευαγγελιω, και παντι αστοχουντι
  3 Reprove - one another: not in wrath, but in peace as you have in the ''good message''; and each deviating,
    κατα του ετερου μηδεις λαλειτω μηδε παρ'' υμων ακουετω, εως ου μετανοηση.
    accounting to (of the) other: no one speak neither by of you listen, until when he repents.
  iv τας δε ευχας υμων και τας ελεημοσυνας και πασας τας πραξεις ουτω ποιησατε, ως εχετε εν τω
  4 The - prayers of you and the alms and all the deeds thus doing, as you have in the
    ευαγγελιω του κυριου ημων.
    ''good message'' of the Lord of you.
Chapter 16
  i γρηγορειτε υπερ της ζωης υμων, οι λυχνοι υμων μη σβεσθητωσαν, και αι οσφυες υμων μη
  1 Watch over the life of you: the light of you not quench, and the loins of you not
    εκλυεσθωσαν, αλλα γινεσθε ετοιμοι, ου γαρ οιδατε την ωραν, εν η ο κυριος ημων ερχεται.
    unloose; yet be ready: not - you know the hour, in which the Lord of us returns.
  ii πυκνως δε συναχθησεσθε ζητουντες τα ανηκοντα ταις ψυχαις υμων, ου γαρ ωφελησει υμας ο πας
  2 Often - gather together?, seeking the [pl.] [what are befitting] to the souls of you; not - helpful of you the all
    χρονος της πιστεως υμων, εαν μη εν τω εσχατω καιρω τελειωθητε.
    time of the faith of you, (then) not in the last time complete.
  iii εν γαρ ταις εσχαταις ημεραις πληθυνθησονται οι ψευδοπροφηται και οι φθορεις, και στραφησονται
  3 In - the last days completed, the false prophets and the destroyers; and turned
    τα προβατα εις λυκους, και η αγαπη στραφησεται εις μισος.
    the sheep into wolves; and the love turned into hate.
  iv αυξανουσης γαρ της ανομιας μισησουσιν αλληλους και παραδωσουσι, και τοτε φανησεται ο
  4 Grown - of(the) lawlessness: they will hate one another and they will deliver, and then [will appear himself] visible the
    κοσμοπλανης ως υιος θεου και ποιησει σημεια και τερατα, και η γη παραδοθησεται εις χειρας
    world-misleading as son of God; and will do signs and spectacles; and the earth will deliver itself into hands
    αυτου, και ποιησει αθεμιτα, α ουδεποτε γεγονεν εξ αιωνος.
    of it; and doing illicit, which never known from ages.
  v τοτε ηξει η κτισις των ανθρωπων εις την πυρωσιν της δοκιμασιας, και σκανδαλισθησονται πολλοι
  5 Then has the creation of(the) men into the fiery of (the) testing, and will be trapped many
    και απολουνται, οι δε υπομειναντες εν τη πιστει αυτων σωθησονται υπ'' αυτου του καταθεματος.
    and washing themselves off, the (rather) [ones] remain[ing] in the faith of them will be saved above it of (the) curse.
  vi και τοτε φανησεται τα σημεια της αληθειας, πρωτον σημειον εκπετασεως εν ουρανω, ειτα σημειον
  6 And then will appear [themselves] the signs of (the) truth: first sign spread out in heaven(s); then sign(s)
    φωνης σαλπιγγος, και το τριτον αναστασις νεκρων,
    voices trumpet, and the third resurrection of dead;
  vii ου παντων δε, αλλ'' ως ερρεθη, ηξει ο κυριος και παντες οι αγιοι μετ'' αυτου.
  7 Not all -, but as said??, sound the Lord and all the holy ones with it.
  viii τοτε οψεται ο κοσμος τον κυριον ερχομενον επανω των νεφελων του ουρανου.
  8 Then see the world the Lord arriving above the clouds of heaven.


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