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1 Four Israelites, Elimelech, Naomi, and their sons, move to Moab to escape a famine in the land of Israel.
Their sons marry Moabite women: Orpah and Ruth.
Elimelech and the sons die.
Naomi returns to the land of Israel and Ruth chooses to go with her.
Orpah stays with her family in Moab.
2 Ruth gleans barley from Boaz's field until the end of the harvest.
Boaz is Naomi's kinsman and he shows kindness to Ruth.
3 Ruth visits Boaz during the night and lies at his feet until morning.
Boaz accepts Ruth and gives her extra barley.
Ruth returns home.
4 The kinsman closer than Boaz does not redeem Naomi's land.
Boaz redeems the land and takes Ruth as his wife.
Ruth gives birth to Obed the grandfather of King David.


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