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1 The genealogical list of individuals from Adam to Abraham including children of Noah, Abraham, Ishmael, and Esau.
The tribes and kings of Edom are listed.
2 The genealogical list of individuals from Israel to David.
Descendants of Hezron, Jerahmeel, and Caleb are listed.
3 The genealogical list of individuals from King David through King Solomon's sons.
Decendants of Jehoiakim are listed.
4 The genealogy of Judah, Caleb, Shelah, Simeon and others is provided.
The "prayer of Jabez" (verse 10).
5 The sons of Reuben are listed.
The sons of Joel (the prophet) are listed.
Various leaders, wars, and events are provided for descendants of Reuben, Gad and Manasseh.
6 The genealogy of Levi through Kohath down to the Babylonian captivity is given.
Various genealogical branches of the Levites are described.
David's appointments of the various courses of service for the Levites are provided.
The settlements in the Land of Israel that the Levites were provided are listed.
7 The genealogy of Issachar's descendants is given.
The genealogy of Benjamin's descendants is given.
The sons of Naphtali are listed.
The genealogy of Manasseh's descendants is given.
The genealogy of Ephraim's descendants is given.
The lands of these are described.
The genealogy of Asher is given with a count of "the men of war" for the tribe.
8 Benjamin's descendants are listed including King Saul and his children.
The "chief men who lived in Jerusalem" are listed.
9 Individuals who lived in Jerusalem at the time of the Babylonian exile are listed along with some of the responsibilities of the Levites who are mentioned.
10 The Philistines fight against Israel and Israel flees.
Saul's sons die and Saul kills himself.
The Philistines invade Israel and Saul is buried.
11 David is anointed king over Israel.
David battles the Jebusites for Jerusalem and wins.
The "mighty men of David" are named and their deeds briefly described.
12 The men who came to David while he was at Ziklag are listed and some their deeds briefly mentioned.
The warriors who came to David at Hebron to crown him king are counted.
13 David gathers Israel together and has the ark of the covenant moved from Kiriath-jearim to Jerusalem.
Uzza touches ark while it is being moved and G-d kills him.
David is upset and the ark remains at Obed-edom.
14 G-d establishes David's kingdom.
David has sons and daughters.
The Philistines raid Israel.
David seeks G-d's advice and David defeats the Philistines.
15 David pitches tent for the ark of the covenant in the city of David.
He orders the Levites to bring the ark to the tent.
Israel celebrates the arrival of the ark and David dances before the LORD.
David's wife, Michal despises David's behavior.
16 When the ark arrives, David offers sacrifices before G-d.
David appoints Levites to serve before the LORD.
David writes a song to thank and praise G-d.
Afterwards, all the people depart to their homes.
17 David desires to build a temple for G-d.
G-d speaks through Nathan the prophet that David's son would build a temple.
David accepts G-d's plan and offers an extended prayer of praise.
18 David defeats the Philistines and plunders their towns.
David defeats the Moabites, the city of Zobah, the Aramean, and the Edomites.
G-d helped David wherever he went.
19 The King of Ammon dies and David sends messengers to offer condolences to his son, Hanun.
Hanun shames David's emmisaries and hires mercenaries to protect themselves against David's retaliation.
Israel defeats Ammon and their Aramean mercenaries.
20 David's general, Joab besieges Rabbah in Ammon and conquers it.
David and his men kill three giants in battles: Sippai, Lahmi (the brother of Goliath), and a twelve-fingered man.
21 Satan moves David to take a census of Israel.
David repents of his sin against G-d and G-d offers him three options as penalty for his sin.
David allows G-d to choose so G-d sends a pestilence and 70,000 men die.
David seeks mercy for those who are dying.
G-d commands David to build an altar on the threshing floor of Ornan the Jebusite: David buys the land and builds the altar.
The pestilence stops.
22 David begins preparations to build the temple by gathering materials for its construction.
David charges his son, Solomon, to build the temple in Jerusalem.
23 David makes Solomon king over Israel.
David gathers all the leaders, priests, and Levites together: several are named and groups counted.
The descendants of Moses are listed.
24 The divisions of of Aaron are listed and their order drawn by lots.
25 David and the commanders of the army set apart groups of musicians.
Asaph, Heman, and Jeduthun were appointed to lead twenty-four groups to prophesy with musical instruments.
26 The Levitical gatekeepers, officers, judges, and workers in the tabernacle are listed along.
27 Israel's heads of households, military commanders, and officials and servants of the king are listed and their work briefly described.
28 David assembles the officials of Israel at Jerusalem.
David speaks to them about G-d's choice of Solomon to build the Temple.
David charges Solomon to build the Temple and serve G-d.
29 David speaks to the officials of Israel and they donated gold, silver, bronze, and other precious items towards the construction of the Temple.
David blesses and praises G-d in the sight of Israel then Israel blesses the LORD and bows before Him.
Solomon is made king a second time and Israel's officials pledge allegiance to him.
David dies.


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