More proof: pork is bad

15 February 2009

As was noted about a year ago in a previous article pork is not good for you.  It seems that this issue has cropped up yet again in the news.  This time a woman was severely debilitated as the result of a worm that was in the pork working its way into her brain.  Fortunately the debilitation was only temporary until the worm was removed via surgery.

YouTube has a number of videos about Coke and pork.  Some of them a hoaxes and some of the them are just plain stupid but the fact remains that pork often has parasites and you just don't know which do and which don't.  Better to 1) obey G-d and 2) avoid the consequences.  Do a quick Google search on pork brain worm and see what all comes up.

California Institute of Technology has this article on brain worms and brain amoebas.  They do exist and the article points out that the "pork tapeworm is one of the most common disease-causing brain parasites".

G-d does not make up arbitrary laws.  He knows that pork is not good for humanity.  He has repeatedly told us not to eat it (and other things) that are unsuitable (Leviticus 11:1-23, Deuteronomy 14:3-20).  Peter declares that he never ate anything unclean in Acts 10:14.  He was a good disciple of the Master and in the same way we should also avoid unclean animals in our diet.

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