What is Biblical Kosher?

30 May 2009

Many individuals and families who are beginning to walk in Torah commandments are interested in keeping "Biblically kosher", that is, eating according to the commandments of G-d.  The commandments regarding food are primarily given in Leviticus 11 and in Deuteronomy 14.  Kosher is a Hebrew word that means "proper".  Although the word kosher is never used in Scripture to describe the food that is fit for consumption according to G-d's commandments, it is the word that has been commonly used for millennia to describe that food.

Avoiding pork, shellfish, and other obviously prohibited things is a good start in keeping kosher but what exactly does keeping Biblically kosher include?  What passages of Scripture should we examine when considering what to eat and what not to eat?  Are there commandments regarding how to prepare food?  What about when (or when not) to prepare food?  Is that part of keeping kosher?

Aaron Eby, a highly-regarded Messianic author and teacher, has put together an examination of what Scripture has to say about food.  Originally an article 23 pages long in PDF format, it has been turned into a book entitled Biblically Kosher.  It does pose some challenging questions for those seeking to follow G-d's commandments regarding food.



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