Who Decides These Things?

08 January 2012

In a recent FoxNews.com article entitled "What the Bible Really Says About Sex", Pastor Mark Driscoll outlines several of our society's issues with sex and contrasts those with the Bible's position on the topic.  He does a fairly good job of expressing Scriptural truths and shares what he calls "seven essentials" about sex from the Bible.

Soon after his article appeared, another FoxNews.com opinion columnist, Shari Johnson, delivered a response entitled, "My Lesbian Daughter, the Bible and Sex".  In her article, she shares that her "world was rocked to its core the night my 37-year old daughter called to tell me she is gay.  Did I run out to find a gay parade to march in?  No.  It was a painful process for both of us."

She also expresses her concerns regarding two of Pastor Driscoll's seven points:

#3. Marriage is for one man and one woman by God’s design,  and

#5. Sex outside of marriage is a sin.


Ms. Johnson makes this statement in her article:

When I hear terms like “God’s design” and “Biblical marriage” I have to wonder who decides these things.


The answer, ma'am, is that G-d decides these things.  That's kind of the point of the Bible: to provide a source of instruction for all humanity regarding G-d's ways.

Her question is not a new one.  In fact it hearkens back about 6,000 years to a very similar question posed to another woman: Eve.

"Indeed, has G-d said?" - the serpent (Genesis 3:1)

Please don't get me wrong.  I am not saying Ms. Johnson is the devil, from the devil, or is the serpent reincarnated as a Fox News contributor.  However, it does sound as if, like Eve, Ms. Johnson has been deceived into questioning the words of G-d.


Sex Outside of Marriage

In her article she rightly points out

The hypocrisy of a Christian parent who shrugs her shoulders over one child’s “living in sin” and says, “What’s a mother to do,” but goes to pieces when she hears of her daughter’s homosexuality, is appalling. I was that mother.


Christian parents should be greatly concerned about any sin in their children's lives.  Once that child reaches the age of majority, however, the parent often has little they can do or say that will impact their adult child. Hence the need for parents to shoulder their responsibilies and instill G-d's standards in their children from the time they are young.

It appears to me (and I am entirely open to the possibility that I am wrong) that Ms. Johnson has fallen into the error that many of us do: compromising G-d's Word because we are uncomfortable with being in a position where we stand condemned by it.  Such a position is especially heartrending when it involves our children and their choices.


Homosexual Marriage?

In describing how marriage has "evolved through the ages" [her words], she makes the statement, "Yet we keep a death grip on the scriptures that suit us—and the translation of those scriptures becomes more a matter of tradition, opinion and convenience than the Word of God."

This is unfortunately true, however, in her particular situation it does not change the facts: in G-d's perfect judgment, homosexuality is not only a sin, it is a sin of such extreme character that He calls it an abomination.

Ms. Johnson offers this in her article:

The principles for heterosexual marriage are the same for same-sex marriage—love, commitment, faithfulness, loyalty, honor and respect. How can we deny that to anyone?


She is incorrect.  The principles for marriage are these:

  • one man
  • one woman
  • a relationship before G-d that is intended to last until death

If any of these three principles are missing then we aren't discussing "marriage".  What Ms. Johnson describes are the attributes of a good marriage.  A man and a woman can be married and completely lack love, commitment, faithfulness, loyalty, etc.  It is a marriage... just not a good one.

The core concern of those who affirm "gay marriage" is equality.  This equality is entirely legal (not spiritual) in nature.  They desire the same legal tax benefits, the same legal rights to visit their "spouse" in prison or in a hospital.  The list goes on and on.  In my opinion they should be treated equally in the legal sense.  It is required by our Constitution.  Because the government has inserted itself as one of the principles of marriage (i.e. you have to obtain a marriage license sanctioning your marriage) Americans have confused legal "civil unions" with the spiritual "marriage" described in Scripture.

If people want to enter into a legal contract that gives them the same legal rights as married people, I say "let them have it".  Just don't call it marriage because it isn't.

Ms. Johnson makes yet another erroneous statement towards the end of her article:

My daughter and her partner were married in 2004 and I couldn’t ask for a better spouse for my daughter, or daughter-in-law for me. However, my attitude traveling to the wedding was far different from my attitude on the trip home. God attends gay weddings. Who knew?


Ms. Johnson, it is true that the G-d of the Bible is present everywhere at all times but He would never, ever sanction an event that glorifies sin with His Presence.


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