Newsletter Discontinued

01 October 2014

The newsletter has been discontinued.


Two reasons: stewardship and support.



We want to be good stewards of the resources that the Most High provides to our ministry. We have found that the time and money involved in producing email newsletters could be better spent in other areas. This has become especially true since we've found that social media is a much faster and less expensive way to keep our readers informed.

You can find the Psalm 119 Foundation in over a dozen places online:

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The Psalm 119 Foundation is a non-profit educational organization that operates on the generous donations of time and money from our supporters. During 2014 we have experienced challenges in both of these areas. If you (or someone you know) would like to translate, write, design, or contribute time in some other way, please contact us. Our ministry has a global reach and your efforts would serve the body of believers all over the world.

If you can to support our work financially, we invite you to partner with us in echoing G-d's call to holy living. We have recently enabled on-line donations to make this easier.

Most of all, we would treasure your prayers for G-d's wisdom, direction, and provision in all of the work that we do so that we would be obedient instruments in His hands to accomplish His work for His glory.

Blessed be His name!



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