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You've taught that Adam was the first in the line of Melchizedekian priests and that Abram tithed to someone of that priesthood. Wouldn't Abram have been the priest at the time that he tithed? Weren't his father and grandfather already dead by then?

dreamstime 17517978 300Q: How do you know all these things about Melchizedek?

A: The answer to these questions is bit technical so bear with me on the explanation. 

There are essentially three clues that helped me connect the dots.

dreamstime 9385560b 300Q: If Melchizedek Is Greater Then Why the Levites?

I'm confused as to when the order of Melchizedek started and what it actually means.  If the order of Melchizedek is greater, then why have the Mosaic Law and the Levitical priesthood at all?


A: The Levitical priesthood and its related sacrifices were unable to remove sin, cleanse the conscience, or purify the heart.  It was never intended to do those things.  The Levitical priesthood had a different purpose than the Melchizedek priesthood.

dreamstime 8354022 300Q: Some say that because the N.T. was written in Greek, that is His one and only name.  Calling Him by His Hebrew Name is wrong, they say.  Can you explain this? Was he called Yeshua or Jesus in the Bible?

A: The Hebrew name of the Master is Yeshua.

dreamstime 17517978 300Q: You make the point that Jews embracing Jesus remain Jewish. Actually, Jews embracing any ideology remain Jewish. Regarding Jews embracing Jesus: Judging from history and fact, how many generations does it take for the descendants of such Jews to become Gentile?

A: The Jew who accepts Jesus as the Messiah (as well as their children) are still Jews. We are not aware of anything that can transform a Jew into a Gentile.

dreamstime 2943195 300Q: What is this "Torah" thing mentioned quite a bit on your site?

A: Torah is the Hebrew word that is often translated as "Law" in Scripture.

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