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Are you bewildered, bothered, or befuddled by the Bible? often receives questions about various topics, issues, and concerns.  This series of "Questions and Answers" provides a way for us to share your questions and our responses with all of our readers. 

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iStock 000005557406 text 300Q: Is Yeshua Really G-d?

A: Yeshua's FLESH is not G-d, however, Yeshua's SPIRIT is G-d.

dreamstime 9385560b 300Q: Aren't you going back under the Law?

A: The phrase "under the Law" essentially means that a person is condemned by the Law because they have transgressed the Law. 

dreamstime 17517978 300Q: Are you Jewish?

A: The question of "what makes a person Jewish" is too complex for these simple Q&A pages.

dreamstime 1608410 300Q: If you aren't Jewish, why do you do Jewish things?

A: Many of the things G-d commanded in Scripture were explicitly given to Israel (i.e. the Jews) but were intended for all peoples who call upon His Name. (See Numbers 15:16, Acts 26:23).

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