c 2269 BCE- The waters of Noah's Flood receded.


c 1686 BCE- Jacob departs from Hebron (where his father Isaac and his grandfather Abraham lived) for Egypt to see his son Joseph.


c 1476 BCE- Israel arrives at Mount Sinai after leaving Egypt.


c 1475 BCE- Korach was swallowed up by the earth after leading a rebellion against Moses and his brother Aaron.


May 25, 1096- Crusaders massacre the Jews of Worms while they recite Hallel, as related in the kina recited on Tisha B'Av, "Mi Yiten Roshi Mayim." Three hundred Jews take refuge in the castle of the Bishop of Worms on the Rhine, Germany. Soldiers of the First Crusade besiege the castle. The Jews are warned to become baptized or die. Many commit suicide because word of the tactics of the crusaders has preceded them. Those who remain faithful are murdered, including Simcha ben-Isaac haKohen, Alexandri ben-Moshe and.lsaac ben-Elyakim.


June 9, 1967- Fifth day of the Six Day War. The Syrians break the cease fire agreement.


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