c 1310 BCE- A special offering was brought including a series of gifts by the tribe of Asher for the inauguration of the Tabernacle.


c 1272 BCE- After Israel crossed the Jordan river into the land of Canaan, all the men were circumcised under the guidance of Joshua (see Joshua chapter 5) in preparation for the Passover offering.  [Due to the weather conditions in the desert which were not conducive for the healing of wounds, throughout the forty year desert sojourn only the tribe of Levi circumcised their sons.]

1279- London Jews were martyred following ritual charges.


1645- The Dutch West India Company allowed a Jewish lawyer named Michael Cardozo to practice law in Brazil, a privilege no other Jew enjoyed at that time anywhere else.

1750- The Prussian ruler Frederick the Great imposed oppressive restrictions upon Jews. His anti-Jewish policies were proof that anti-Semitism would survive in the age of "Enlightenment".


1933- The first two Nazi anti-Jewish decrees, barring Jews from public service and law, went into effect.

1941- The Nazis establish the Kielce ghetto.


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