This date is a great day cited in Megillat Taanit because the residents of Beit Shaan and Bikasa, who aided the enemies of the people of Israel (the Greeks), were exiled from their homes by the Hasmoneans.


1099- The Crusaders laid siege to Jerusalem.  As they conquered the city, the Crusaders massacred almost the entire population of the city.  The reign of the Christians lasted until 1187 but when it ended, it only prompted additional Crusades.


June 8, 1664- The King of Poland denied the Jews of Vilna the right to deal in non-Jewish books.


June 5, 1849- In Denmark, article 84 of the new constitution negated discrimination of "any person on the basis of religious grounds."


June 6, 1982-  Israeli forces crossed into Lebanon to destroy PLO bases.  Named "Operation Peace for Galilee," its aim was to drive out the terrorists.  In 1983, Lebanon's president, Amin Gemayel, signed a peace treaty with Israel.  A year later, Syria forced Gemayel to renege on the agreement.  The war continued as the IDF captured Beirut and surrounded Yasser Arafat and his co-terrorists. The war ended in 1985 when Israel was forced to withdraw.  A total of 1,216 Jewish lives were lost.


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