1482- The first volume of the Talmud Bavli (Babylonian Talmud), Masechet Brachot (tractate Berachot), was printed in Soncino, Italy.

January 1, 1690- The Jewish community of Ancona, in the Papal States of Italy, miraculously escaped unharmed from an earthquake. They declared a fast day in commemoration, and the following day, 21 Tevet, was celebrated as a Purim. (Other sources give this date as 4 Tevet 5451-Dec. 6 1690).

January 1, 1940- The Nazis prohibited Jews from congregating in shuls and private homes for davening (prayer). So too, did they forbid Jews from changing residences - this, a precursor of the ghettos. The Jews of Poland were forcibly moved to the old city and the Baluty quarter.

January 19, 1941- Hundreds of Jews were murdered during pogroms in Bucharest, Rumania.

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