November 5, 1685- Oldest shul in america dedicated (Surinam). The shul of Brachah v'Shalom on the Jodensavanne (the Jews' Savannah) in the Dutch colony of Surinam was dedicated. This was the first shul in the Western Hemisphere.


November 9, 1720- The shul of Rabbeinu Yehudah HaChasid in Yerushalayim with its 40 Sifrei Torah was set ablaze and burned down by Arabs, marking the tragic end of his group's ascending to Eretz Yisroel. It was rebuilt in 1837 and used until 1947. The Jordanians destroyed the rebuilt shul in 5708/1948. It was rebuilt again in 2010. (Today the site is known as the Churva.) 


October 29, 1941- 10,000 Jewish lives were lost to Nazi mass executions of Kovno's Jewish community. (See 7 Cheshvan).


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