c 1310 BCE- A special offering was brought including a series of gifts by the tribe of Menashe for the inauguration of the Tabernacle.


c 726 BCE- At the order of King Hezekiah, the Levites reconsecrate the Temple.  (2 Chronicles 29:17)  On this day they entered and consecrated the porch of the Temple.

c 356 BCE- The grand feast hosted by King Achashveirosh in Shushan came to an end after 180 days.


1772- First rabbinic opposition to Chasidism was announced in Vilna, Russia.  A cheirem, endorsed by the Vilna Gaon, was published in 1777 and again in 1781.


1814- Denmark grants citizenship to Jews.


1915- The Zion Mule Corps, a Jewish militia, was created.  Zev Jabotinsky had proposed that Jewish volunteers fight to liberate Palestine from the Turks, but the British resisted the idea of Jewish soldiers on the Palestinian front.  So instead Jabotinsky established the Zion Mule Corps, whose 650 Jewish volunteer members were commanded by the famed one-armed fighter, Joseph Trumpeldor.  It was the forerunner of the Jewish Legion, which was formed in 1918 and virtually the first organized Jewish fighting force since Roman times, and a precursor to the Israeli Defense Force (IDF).


1944- Hungarian Jews were forced to begin wearing the infamous yellow Star of David under Nazi occupation.


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