1529- 30 Jews of Posing, Hungary, were charged with a blood libel and burned.


June 4, 1941- The republic of Croatia issued an order depriving all Jews of their property and compelling them to wear a yellow badge with the letter Z. Croatia was occupied by Nazi forces and, with its Muslim allies, some 700,000 Serbs and 75,000 Jews and Gypsies were killed. The Independent State of Croatia was set up after the German and Italian invasions and run by the fascist Ustashe regime as a puppet state.

The central Ustashe aim was to cleanse Croatia of "foreign" elements and to turn Croatia into a "100% Roman Catholic state." Jasenovac was the site of the largest Ustashe death camp, and some estimates claim as many as several hundred thousand dead. Ante Pavelic was the leader of the Ustashe regime. The Herzegovina region of Bosnia became a stronghold of the Croatian Ustashe movement allied to the Nazis.  Local clergy was seen condoning and supporting Ustashe mass slayings of ethnic Serbs. One in six of Croatia’s prewar population died.


May 31, 1944- Jewish community of Khonia, Crete, dating from Roman times, came to an end when the ship Danai into which all the Jews had been herded was towed out to sea and sunk.


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