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glos·sa·ry: a collection of brief explanations (as in the margin or between the lines of a text) of difficult or obscure words or expressions. has provided this glossary of Hebrew and Greek words to aid our readers in the understanding of specialized words used in our articles.



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Rachel- The literal Hebrew name of Rachel.  This Hebrew name means "Ewe (lamb) of G-d (El)".  Strongs #7353.  Pronounced rakh EL.




Rashi- [Shlomo Yitzhaki] An 11th-century Jewish Scholar noted for his commentaries on the Torah and the Tanakh.  Rashi comes from an acronym of his name: the Rabbi Shlomo Itzhaki.




Rivka- (sometimes Rivqah) The literal Hebrew name of Rebekah.  This Hebrew name means "ensnarer" (as by her beauty?)  Strongs #7259.  Pronounced RIV kah.


Rosh Hashanah

ראש השנה

Rosh Hashanah- A Hebrew term which refers to "the new year" [literally "the head of the year"].  It is a moed described in Leviticus 23:24-25 as a festival for the "blowing of trumpets" (Yom Teruah- a day of trumpet blasts) but it also begins the civil Biblical calendar.  Strong's #7218 and 8141. 




ruach- The Hebrew word for "spirit". It can also mean "breath", "spirit", or "wind".  Strong's #7307.  Pronounced ROO akh


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