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Interactive Timelines


King Solomon, the wisest man who ever lived, said "there is a time for every event under heaven". (Ecclesiastes 3:1) Any serious study of Scripture is incomplete without an understanding of historical context in which the events of the Bible unfold.  These interactive timelines clear the fog of the centuries and bring history and the Word into focus.



This Date In History

HISTORY CARVED IN STONE © Firebrandphotography | Dreamstime.comContinuing the theme of examining history as a key part of understanding G-d's Word, our "This Date In History" series provides a 365-day-a-year look back into the historical events of Scripture, Israel, and the Jewish people. Every day brings a new glimpse into the lives of the men and women of the Bible.



PSALM11918.ORG © The Psalm 119 FoundationOur blog provides the contributors with a channel for less formal communications with our readers.  Some of our blog entries include personal thoughts while others are just plain silly and fun.

If you ever wanted to understand what goes on behind the scenes, here is a great place to start!


Questions and Answers


Are you bewildered, bothered, or befuddled by the Bible? often receives questions about various topics, issues, and concerns.  This series of "Questions and Answers" provides a way for us to share your questions and our responses with all of our readers. 

Do you have a question?  Share it with us! :)


External Tools

GARDEN TOOLS © Sandra Cunningham |

We know isn't the the only tool in your shed.  These are the online resources and tools we use for our own studies and enjoyment.  Links to online Bible study tools, Messianic sites, Hebraic insights, Bible software, and other items of interest.  If you have a resource you find valuable, let us know!


Additional Resources

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