Taking Responsibility

21 March 2008

On Monday Fox News reported that a large crane fell and killed several people.  What is believed to be the last of the bodies were recovered today. The Associated Press reported an additional development today: a city inspector was charged with falsifying an inspection report related to the crane that collapsed.

The message that comes to mind is one for parents.  We should regularly be "inspecting" our children (and ourselves!) to see how they can potentially impact others.  Whether through speech or through deeds we are responsible for the impact our children have on others.  We should not be "falsifying inspection reports" and telling ourselves and others that "everything is OK" with our children when, in fact, it may not be.

The inspector in this news story will stand before a judge to answer for his dereliction of duty.  In a similar way we will stand before The Judge to answer for our service (or dereliction thereof) as parents.

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