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Although it might not be apparent when you first look at them, the horizontal lines in the image to the right are parallel.

In a similar fashion, there are a number of remarkable parallels between Moshe and Yeshua found in the pages of the Bible that might not be apparent until you look more closely. 

We've compiled these parallels in the list below and added a few additional notes for good measure.

Have we missed one?  Contact us and let us know!


Born when Jews were oppressed by a foreign power Ex 1:11 Matt 2:16
Born into an environment of government-ordered death Ex 1:15-16 Matt 2:16
Born in humble circumstances Ex 2:1-3 Luke 2:7
Both were raised in Egypt Ex 2:10-11 Matt 2:13-15
Both were in conflict with his "brothers" Ex 2:13-14 John 7:1-5
Both had their authority rejected Ex 2:13-14 John 10:33
Moshe and Yeshua have both been mistaken as Egyptian (i.e. foreigner to Isra'el) Ex 2:19 John 1:11
Moshe and Yeshua are both given miracles to perform to validate their authority Ex 4:1-9 John 2:9, Luke 5:4-10, Luke 8:22-25 (and others)
Moshe and Yeshua are reunited with their people who accept them Ex 4:29-31 Luke 13:35 (future)
Moshe and Yeshua go up a hill to stand in the gap for their people Ex 17:9 John 19:17
When on the hill, both Moshe and Yeshua spread out their arms before their people Ex 17:11-12 John 19:18
When on the hill, both Moshe and Yeshua have a man on either side of them Ex 17:12 John 19:18


Other notes

  • Moshe was preserved from death as an infant at the hand of Pharaoh
    Yeshua was preserved from death as an infant at the hand of Herod.

  • Moshe came up out of the river (the Nile) as an infant.
    Yeshua came up out of the river (the Yarden) when He was baptized.

  • Moshe's basket in the Nile was watched by a girl named Miriam.
    Yeshua's tomb was watched by a woman named Miriam.

  • Moshe left his priviledged position as prince of Egypt to become G-d's servant and serve as the redeemer for Isra'el.
    Yeshua left his priviledged position in Heaven to become a bondservant and serve as the ultimate redeemer of Isra'el. (John 1:1,1:14, Phil 2:5-11)

  • Moshe trained forty years in the desert.
    Yeshua was tested forty days in the wilderness.

  • Moshe lived in exile (in Midian) until those seeking his life had passed away.
    Yeshua lived in exile (in Egypt) until those seeking His life had passed away.

  • Moshe led the children of Isra'el out of physical bondage (slavery to Pharaoh).
    Yeshua leads his people out of spiritual bondage (slavery to sin).

  • Moshe was up on the mountain in the wilderness for forty days and forty nights (Exodus 24:18).
    Yeshua was in the wilderness for forty days and forty nights (Matthew 4:2).

  • Moshe wrote the Law (the Torah) for Isra'el on tablets of stone at Sinai.
    Yeshua wrote the Law (the Torah) for Isra'el on the tablets of their hearts (the promise of the New covenant in Jeremiah 31:31-33) in Jerusalem at Shavuot/Pentecost.


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