c 2267 BCE- The mountaintops became visible as the Flood waters receded. (Genesis 8:5)


c 1477 BCE- The Egyptians were afflicted with the second plague: frogs.  (Exodus 8:6)


1436 BCE- Yahrtzeit of Aharon the Priest, brother of Moses and Miriam, who died at the age of 123 - the only yahrtzeit [date of passing] explicitly mentioned in the Torah (Numbers 33:38).


c 512 BCE- Ezra the Scribe and his followers arrived in Jerusalem. Following their long journey from Babylon (see 12th Nissan), Ezra and his entourage arrived in the Land of Israel, to be near the newly built second Holy Temple in Jerusalem. A relatively small group came together with Ezra, the majority of Jews, including great Torah scholars, choosing to remain in Babylon due to the harsh conditions that were then prevailing in Israel.


August 2, 1943- The mostly Jewish captives in the Treblinka extermination camp in Poland staged an armed revolt. Consequently a dozen SS soldiers were killed and a few hundred Jews escaped, at least temporarily.


July 18, 1947- A British ship seized the S.S. Exodus, which was carrying 4,000 Jewish Holocaust survivors to the Land of Israel and forced it to return to Germany: Three "illegal Jewish immigrants" were killed and more than 100 were wounded during this immoral action.


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