c 348 BCE- The Navi (prophet) Ezra HaSofer (the Scribe), after his arrival in Eretz Yisroel, went to the Holy Temple, fasted, prayed and cried in public. A large following gathered around him and joined his prayers. The kohanim and Israelites swore to send away their non-Jewish wives. Ezra then issued a proclamation that all Jews residing in Eretz Yisroel should assemble in three days' time in Yerushalayim. (See 20 Kislev).


1349- The Jews of Ausburg, Germany were massacred.


1380- Many Jewish moneylenders were killed as French nobles rioted in Paris after Charles VI ascended to the throne and said he would not expel the Jews. The murderers hoped to relieve themselves of their debt.


December 8, 1596- The first Jewish author in America, Luis de Carvajal el Mozo, his mother, and three sisters were burned at the stake in Mexico City by the Inquisition, together with five other Crypto-Jews who were also accused of Judaizing.


1848- The Jews of Nassau, Germany were granted equality.


1897- Anti-Jewish violence erupted in Bucharest.


November 30, 1947- The United Nations voted in favor of the partition of Palestine. The Jewish area was split into three non-contiguous plots, with no consideration of security: the eastern Galilee, the coastal plain from Haifa down to Tel Aviv, and the majority being the uncultivable Negev desert. The other half of the land was to form a new Arab state. Jerusalem and its 100,000 Jews was to be completely surrounded on four sides by the Arab state, and administered as an international zone. Despite these unfavorable terms, the Jewish Agency immediately accepted the Partition Plan; the Arabs immediately rejected it. Fighting began soon after, leading to a full-scale assault in 1948 by troops from Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi and Yemen.


December 8, 1987- The "intifadah" (Arabic for uprising) by Palestinians in the disputed territories of the West Bank and Gaza began.


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