c 1476 BCE- Pharaoh and his pursuing army caught up with the Israelites encamped at Pi-HaChirot by the Red Sea. A terrified Jewish nation divides into several factions. Some advocate mass suicide, others want to surrender and return to Egypt, the bolder ones prepare to battle the Egyptians, while others advise the nation to pray. The LORD instructs the Israelites to do none of the above, but simply proceed onwards -- despite the sea which stood in their path. The Israelites comply, and the entire following night they go through the parted waters of the Red Sea.


1593- The first Jewish settlers arrived in Amsterdam, Holland.


1882- A blood libel began when a servant girl went missing in Tiza-Eszlar (Hungary). Although no evidence was found that Jews were involved, the young son of the janitor of the shul was interrogated - whereby he described full details of the "murder." The Jews were accused of having the girl kidnapped for ritual murder purposes. Fifteen people were brought to trial despite the protests of the non-Jewish leader of the Hungarian Independence Movement and the fact that the girl's body was found in the river. A year later all of them were acquitted.


1899- Jews in Romania were blacklisted from professional, agricultural schools and universities.


1909- The city of Tel-Aviv was founded.


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