May 28, 1938- Construction of the harbor of Tel-Aviv began.


June 6, 1967- Day Two of the Six-Day War. After a mere 36 hours of fighting, the Israel Defense Forces were deep in the Sinai (site of Matan Torah).  They had liberated Gaza (where Isaac the Patriarch lived for 20 years).  Also, Kalkilya and Jenin in the Samarian Hills (where the patriarchs and matriarchs lived) were now under Jewish control.  And perhaps most incredibly, the IDF had encircled Yerushalayim/Jerusalem and opened the Scopus Road.  According to a report in The Jerusalem Post, humor had apparently not been a casualty of war.  A young soldier told then Mayor Teddy Kollek about the victories in Jerusalem saying, "We've just made your city bigger."  Mr. Kollek replied, "A bigger headache, you mean."


June 6, 1967- The United Nations Security Council voted for an immediate cease-fire.


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