dreamstime s 17931000 300As part of our continuing efforts to enable our readers to better understand the historical context in which the events of the Bible unfold, Psalm11918.org is pleased to present this interactive timeline of the First Century.

While primarily focused on the events of the Greek Scriptures, this timeline extends from around 100 BCE to 100 CE. 

This era is one of the most turbulent in human history and many conflicting accounts exist.  While the full spectrum of scholars agree on almost none of the dates from this period, there are some events on which a (slim) majority can agree. As such, this timeline represents numerous hours of study and prayer through the combined efforts of the Psalm11918.org staff.

Many thanks go to Amy Stephenson who supported the team in so many ways as this timeline was being constructed.  We dedicate it to her and her wonderful heart of service!

We highly recommend you view the timeline in a maximized window.  You can drag the timeline horizontally, use your mouse-wheel, or use your cursor keys to scroll through the events of the Bible.  The bottom portion of the timeline includes secular events as historical context.  You can also click on events for more details including relevant Scriptural references.

If you find anything that you believe is inaccurate, please contact us so we can review the issue and correct it for the benefit of all of our visitors.

NOTE: if the timeline below does not appear (or appears incomplete or jumbled), try disabling your ad blocker.  Some ad blockers prevent the timeline's scripts from loading.  For Brave browser users, try temporarily "disabling shields" for the site to see if that helps correct the issue.

Thank you!